Review | Legit or Scam? is a relatively new investment platform that was launched on October 4, 2023. It claims it provides opportunity for individuals to grow their wealth through various investment plans and referral programs. This platform boast of enticing features such as high returns on investments and daily earnings. In this review, we’ll delve into the details of what has to offer and whether it’s a legitimate way to make money.

How to Join

Getting started with is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to join:

  1. Create an Account: To begin your journey with, you’ll need to create a new account. This typically involves providing some basic information and agreeing to the platform’s terms and conditions.
  2. Registration Link: You can use a specific registration link provided by to sign up. This link likely helps the platform track referrals, which can be a part of your earning strategy.

How to Make Money on offers several avenues to make money:

1. Make Money via Investment:

  • Sollife operates as a multi-level marketing platform. Investors purchase packages that generate daily returns as their capital is invested and traded by the platform.
  • After registering, you can choose a Sollife device to invest in from the product page and recharge the corresponding amount to make the purchase.
  • The income from the Sollife equipment is sent to your account balance every 24 hours. This income continues until the investment reaches its expiration, at which point you can withdraw your capital without any deductions.

2. Make Money by Inviting Friends:

  • To earn from referrals, you need to invest in a TP device with a minimum investment of 3100NGN.
  • When your level 2 team members invest, you can directly receive a 3% cashback.
  • When your level 3 team members invest, you can directly receive a 1% cashback.

3. Make Money through Team Commissions:

  • Apart from cashback on investments, you can earn team commissions.
  • You can receive 6% of the daily income of your LV1 team members, 3% from LV2, and 1% from LV3 team members.

4. Make Money as an Agent:

  • Agents play a significant role in the ecosystem. They are required to have a WhatsApp group or Telegram channel and represent their team members directly to the company’s admin.
  • Agents receive monthly salaries based on the number of direct and total downline members they recruit. Investment Plans offers a range of investment plans with varying prices, daily income, and durations. Here are some of the available plans:

  • Solar Sauce: Price: 3,100 NGN, Daily Income: 300 NGN, Duration: 45 days, Total Income: 13,500 NGN
  • Solar Converter: Price: 5,100 NGN, Daily Income: 500 NGN, Duration: 45 days, Total Income: 22,500 NGN
  • Stellar Energy: Price: 10,000 NGN, Daily Income: 1,000 NGN, Duration: 45 days, Total Income: 45,000 NGN
  • Panel Clipper: Price: 25,000 NGN, Daily Income: 2,500 NGN, Duration: 45 days, Total Income: 112,500 NGN
  • Solar Gig Installer: Price: 52,000 NGN, Daily Income: 5,200 NGN, Duration: 45 days, Total Income: 234,000 NGN
  • VR Scanner: Price: 120,000 NGN, Daily Income: 12,000 NGN, Duration: 45 days, Total Income: 540,000 NGN
  • Inverter PRX: Price: 260,000 NGN, Daily Income: 26,000 NGN, Duration: 45 days, Total Income: 1,170,000 NGN
  • Immersive VR: Price: 550,000 NGN, Daily Income: 55,000 NGN, Duration: 45 days, Total Income: 2,475,000 NGN
  • Solar Panel: Price: 1,000,000 NGN, Daily Income: 100,000 NGN, Duration: 45 days, Total Income: 4,500,000 NGN
  • PR Regulator: Price: 3,000,000 NGN, Daily Income: 300 NGN, Duration: Not Applicable, Total Income: Not Applicable

Is Legit or a Scam? is a ponzi scheme.

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