Review | Legit or Scam?

Are you looking for a legitimate online platform that rewards you for simply being a member? Look no further because NovusTech, launching on September 25th, 2023, is here to revolutionize the way you earn money online. In this blog post, we will explore how NovusTech works and how you can start earning with this exciting platform.

How NovusTech Works

To get started with NovusTech, you can register with either the normal registration fee of ₦5000 or take advantage of a ₦1000 discount with our referral link, making it ₦4000 for you. Upon registration, you receive a generous welcome bonus of ₦3,000 as a token of appreciation for joining the NovusTech community.

Earning on NovusTech is straightforward, and here are the different ways you can boost your income:

  1. Direct Referral Bonus: You can earn ₦4,000 for every direct referral you bring to NovusTech.
  2. Indirect Referral Bonus: If your referred member brings in others, you receive ₦300 as an indirect referral bonus.
  3. 2nd Indirect Referral Bonus: Even when the referrals of your referrals refer others, you still benefit with a ₦100 bonus.
  4. Daily Login Bonus: By simply logging in daily, you can earn ₦300 as a bonus.
  5. Daily Task Earnings: NovusTech offers daily tasks that allow you to earn ₦600, adding to your daily income.
  6. Total Daily Earning: When you add up all your earnings, you can make ₦900 daily just by being an active member of NovusTech.

Additional Features On Novustech

NovusTech is not just about earning money; it offers a range of additional features to enhance your experience:

  • Novus Bet: Try your luck with NovusTech’s betting options.
  • Job Opportunities: Explore job listings and find potential employment opportunities.
  • Noval Mart: Shop at Noval Mart for a variety of products and deals.
  • Referral Contest: Compete in referral contests for the chance to win exciting prizes.
  • Digital Courses: Enhance your skills with a selection of digital courses.
  • Fitness Tips: Stay fit and healthy with NovusTech’s fitness tips.
  • E-book Marketing: If you’re interested in e-book marketing, NovusTech has you covered.

Withdrawal Instructions

When it comes to withdrawing your earnings, NovusTech provides flexibility:

  • Referral Earnings: You can withdraw referral earnings every Tuesday and Friday, provided you have a minimum of 2 referrals.
  • Non-Referral Earnings: For non-referral earnings, you can withdraw any day once you reach a minimum of ₦20,000.

Is Novustech Legit?

Novustech is an affliate platform and you can only make money from it if you refer people who purchase the activation code and joined the platform.

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