Tegmining.com Review | Legit or Scam?

Teg Mining (Tegmining.com), also known as TEG claims to be a cryptocurrency mining platform operated by GMO Internet Group, headquartered in Japan. GMO Financial Holdings, Inc., a listed company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, is the driving force behind Teg Mining. The platform primarily focuses on operating Defi mobile mining of cryptocurrency mining pools, making it an attractive option for individuals interested in entering the world of cryptocurrency mining.

How to Join Teg Mining?

Follow these steps:

a. Registration: Visit the official Teg Mining website and complete the registration process. As a welcome gift, new members receive 1 USDT upon successful registration.

b. Minimum Deposit: To start mining and earning income, a minimum deposit of 10 USDT is required. This deposit serves as the initial investment in purchasing mining machines.

c. Mining Machine Purchase: After depositing funds, members can use the USDT to purchase mining machines. These machines will carry out the necessary computations to mine cryptocurrencies.


How Tegmining Works

Teg Mining provides its users with various avenues to make money within the platform. The primary method is through cryptocurrency mining, which is categorized into three types: physical mining, staking mining, and Defi liquidity mining.

a. Physical Mining: This method involves the installation of numerous graphics cards in a computer, running specific algorithms to obtain virtual currencies as rewards.

b. Staking Mining: Users lock their digital currency within the network to receive rewards in newly issued cryptocurrencies. This process uses PoS (proof of stake) mining, a departure from traditional PoW (proof of work) mining.

c. Defi Liquidity Mining: Liquidity miners provide liquidity to DeFi protocols, earning passive income or rewards in exchange for lending or pledging their cryptocurrency assets.


How to Make Money from Teg Mining?

Step 1: Register on Teg Mining

  • Visit the official Teg Mining website and sign up for an account using this Registration link

Step 2: Understand the Investment Plans

  • Take your time to review the different investment plans offered by Teg Mining. Each plan has varying entry requirements, returns, and investment durations. Choose a plan that aligns with your investment goals and risk tolerance.

Step 3: Deposit Funds

  • Once registered, log in to your Teg Mining account. To invest in the platform, you’ll need to deposit funds. The platform accepts deposits in stable USDT (Tether) to ensure stability and security.

Step 4: Choose Your Mining Machine

  • After depositing funds, explore the available mining machines offered by Teg Mining. Each machine has different daily incomes and investment cycles. Select the mining machine that suits your investment amount and desired return period.

Step 5: Invest in the Mining Machine

  • Click on the chosen mining machine and review the investment details. If you’re satisfied with the terms, proceed to invest the required amount in the selected machine.

Step 6: Monitor Your Daily Income

  • Once you’ve invested in the mining machine, keep an eye on your daily income. Teg Mining will calculate and credit your account with the income earned from mining.

Step 7: Explore the Referral Program

  • Take advantage of the referral program to earn additional rewards. Share your unique referral link with friends and family to invite them to join Teg Mining. As they invest, you’ll earn referral rewards based on the three levels of referrals.

Step 8: Manage Your Earnings

  • As your earnings accumulate, you can either reinvest them into Teg Mining to compound your returns or withdraw them to your encrypted wallet in the form of USDT.


Tegmining.com investment Packages

Mining machine-DZ12

  • Daily Income: $1
  • Cycle: 20 days
  • Income: $20
  • Investment amount: $10.00

Mining machine-DZ18

  • Daily Income: $0.7
  • Cycle: 40 days
  • Income: $28
  • Investment amount: $20.00

Bitcoin Miner S19 Pro+ Hyd.

  • Daily Income: $2.4
  • Cycle: 90 days
  • Income: $216
  • Investment amount: $60.00

BTC Miner G70

  • Daily Income: $6
  • Cycle: 180 days
  • Income: $1080
  • Investment amount: $150.00

Bitcoin Miner S19

  • Daily Income: $12
  • Cycle: 180 days
  • Income: $2160
  • Investment amount: $300.00

ETC Miner E9 Pro

  • Daily Income: $22
  • Cycle: 180 days
  • Income: $3960
  • Investment amount: $500.00

Bitcoin Miner S9 (SPECIAL PROMO)

  • Daily Income: $40
  • Cycle: 150 days
  • Income: $6000
  • Investment amount: $1000.00

KAS Miner KS3

  • Daily Income: $90
  • Cycle: 180 days
  • Income: $16200
  • Investment amount: $2000.00


Make Money through Referrals

Teg Mining also offers a referral program, allowing users to earn additional rewards by inviting others to join the platform. By sharing their unique referral links, members can build a team and receive attractive rewards based on the level of referrals and their mining activities.

How to withdraw Earnings?

You can withdraw the earned income to your encrypted wallet in the form of USDT. The withdrawal time of TEG Mining is 0:00-23:59 on working days (Monday to Friday). Withdrawals are not supported on weekends and will usually reach your personal account within 72 hours. If you have not received the benefits, please contact customer service staff in time.


Is Tegmining.com Legit or Scam?

Tegmining.com is a new ponzi scheme in town that just launched. So you can take this opportunity and join the platform early and make a lot of money before it crashes.

You can register on tegmining.com using this link


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