Zenora Review (zenora.world) | Legit or Scam?

Zenora is a P2P Investment Platform designed to allow people make money through both networking and investment. It offers a  lot of user acquisition rewards and investment plans, making it an attractive option for those seeking to grow their wealth in a sustainable and efficient manner.

How to Make Money from Zenora

You need to start by creating an account with this registration link.

Zenora offers two primary ways to make money – Networking and Investment. Let’s take a closer look at each of these methods:

Make Money From Networking

Zenora.world is just like MMM. So basically When you register, you are on Level 1, and you are required to pay 1,000 naira to someone. After the payment, 4 people would pay you 1,000 naira. So basically In level 1, you pay 1,000naira and you get 4,000 naira. Then you keep moving up.

Zenora’s Networking program is a user acquisition initiative that rewards members for their referral activities. There are six networking levels, starting from Level 1 and progressing up to Level 6. Here’s an overview of the levels and their corresponding benefits:

Level 1:

Joining Fee: N1,000
Returns: N4,000 in 24 hours
Withdrawal Requirements:
1 active referral to withdraw N1,000
2 active referrals to withdraw N2,000
3 active referrals to withdraw N3,000
4 active referrals for unlimited withdrawals
If referrals are challenging to find, members can purchase up to 8 unactivated referrals on Zenora.

Level 2:

Joining Fee: N4,000
Returns: N8,000 in 2 days
No specific requirements for withdrawal

Level 3:

Joining Fee: N6,000
Returns: N12,000 in 4 days
Withdrawal Requirements: At least 2 referrals in Level 2

Level 4:

Joining Fee: N12,000
Returns: N24,000 in 6 days
Withdrawal Requirements: At least 2 referrals in Level 3

Level 5:

Joining Fee: N24,000
Returns: N48,000 in 8 days
Withdrawal Requirements: At least 2 referrals in Level 4

Level 6:

Joining Fee: N48,000
Returns: N96,000 in 9 days
Withdrawal Requirements: At least 2 referrals in Level 5

Make Money From Investment

The Investment aspect of Zenora offers an enticing 50% guaranteed return on any amount invested. The investment program is available only to level 2 users. Members can leverage this feature to grow their wealth over time in a risk-free manner.


Make Money from Zenora through Referrals

One of the standout features of Zenora’s money-making potential lies in its referral program. You make 150naira per referral. Whether they make payment or not. By actively referring others to the platform, members can earn generous rewards and level up within the Networking system. Moreover, for those who struggle to find referrals, the option to purchase unactivated referrals can be a game-changer.


Is Zenora Legit or Scam?

Zenora is a ponzi scheme that just launched in august. So if you join early, you cashout a lot of money before it would crash.

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