Wilkert.com.ng Review | Legit or Scam

Wilkert.com.ng is a newly launched investment platform in Nigeria. The platform aims to provide users with an opportunity to earn substantial returns on their investments, promising a daily return ranging from 10% to 30%. This implies that for every 10,000 naira invested, users can potentially earn 1,000 naira per day for 30 days.

How to Join Wilkert.com.ng

Joining Wilkert.com.ng is a straightforward process. To get started, you need to create an account through a registration link. Once registered, you’ll gain access to the platform’s offerings and benefits.

How to Make Money from Wilkert.com.ng

There are two primary ways to earn money on Wilkert.com.ng: through investments and referrals.

Making Money from Investment: Investment is the primary avenue for generating income on Wilkert.com.ng. By investing in any of Wilkert’s investment plans, users can earn daily returns ranging from 10% to 20%. The platform offers a variety of investment plans to suit different budget levels.

Wilkert.com.ng Investment Plans

Wilkert.com.ng presents a range of investment plans, each with its own set of daily earnings and total earnings. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Starter Plan: Daily Earnings – 300.00 NAIRA, Total Earnings – 3,500.00 NAIRA
  • Medium Plan: Daily Earnings – 600.00 NAIRA, Total Earnings – 6,000.00 NAIRA
  • Medium Pro Plan: Daily Earnings – 1,200.00 NAIRA, Total Earnings – 12,000.00 NAIRA
  • Master Plan: Daily Earnings – 2,440.00 NAIRA, Total Earnings – 24,400.00 NAIRA
  • Master Pro Plan: Daily Earnings – 3,050.00 NAIRA, Total Earnings – 30,500.00 NAIRA
  • Professional Plan: Daily Earnings – 6,050.00 NAIRA, Total Earnings – 60,500.00 NAIRA
  • Enthusiastic Plan: Daily Earnings – 12,050.00 NAIRA, Total Earnings – 120,500.00 NAIRA
  • Enthusiastic Pro Plan: Daily Earnings – 24,050.00 NAIRA, Total Earnings – 240,500.00 NAIRA
  • Great Master Plan: Daily Earnings – 35,050.00 NAIRA, Total Earnings – 350,500.00 NAIRA

Make Money from Wilkert.com.ng through Referrals

Wilkert.com.ng also provides an opportunity for users to earn through referrals. By sharing your unique referral link with friends and family, you can earn commissions when they sign up and invest using your link. Obtaining your referral link is simple – it’s available on your dashboard once you log in to the platform. Sharing this link across social media platforms and other avenues can boost your potential earnings.

Is Wilkert.com.ng Legit or Scam

Wilkert is a ponzi scheme that would crash one day. Below are red flags that wilkert has

  1. Unrealistic Returns: One significant red flag is the promise of extremely high returns on investment, such as 10% to 30% daily returns. These kinds of returns are not only highly uncommon but can also be indicative of a Ponzi scheme. Legitimate investments typically offer realistic and sustainable returns. The text mentions that “if you invest 10,000 naira, you earn 1,000 naira every day for 30 days.” Such consistently high returns might not be feasible and could be a tactic to lure in investors without providing a solid basis for these returns.
  2. Ponzi Scheme Characteristics: The review mentions that Wilkert is a “ponzi scheme.” Ponzi schemes involve using funds from newer investors to pay returns to earlier investors. Such schemes are not sustainable and eventually collapse when new investments can’t cover the returns owed to earlier participants. The fact that the platform is referred to as a Ponzi scheme raises a significant concern about its legitimacy and long-term viability.

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