Review | Legit or Scam?

BBH ( is a newly launched online part-time job platform that allow Nigerians make extra income online by completing simple tasks like watching videos, etc. You get paid for every task you perform.

The money making platform claims users can earn up to 6 – 7 figures in the comfort of your home provided they have a smartphone and internet connection.

How to Join BBH

Getting started with BBHTV is a relatively straightforward process. To join, you need to create an account through this registration link. Once you’re in, you’ll start at the initial level, known as Intern. At this level, you can perform up to 5 tasks daily, each earning you 100 NGN. The best part? You don’t need to make any initial investment.

How to Make Money from BBHTV

Earning money on BBHTV revolves around completing tasks. As an Intern, you can earn 500 NGN daily by performing these tasks for four days. However, if you’re looking to increase your daily earnings, you’ll need to progress through the platform’s 10 levels. Each level requires a specific security deposit, and with that deposit, you gain access to perform more tasks and potentially earn more money.

BBHTV Investment Plans

BBHTV offers a tiered structure with various investment plans, each corresponding to a different level. Here’s a breakdown of some of the levels and what they offer:

  • P1: Deposit of 15,000 NGN, 5 tasks daily, earning 500 NGN per day.
  • P2: Deposit of 30,000 NGN, 10 tasks daily, earning 1,000 NGN per day.
  • P3: Deposit of 84,000 NGN, 15 tasks daily, earning 3,000 NGN per day.
  • P4: Deposit of 252,000 NGN, 30 tasks daily, earning 9,000 NGN per day.
  • P5: Deposit of 650,000 NGN, 50 tasks daily, earning 25,000 NGN per day.
  • P6: Deposit of 1,560,000 NGN, 75 tasks daily, earning 60,000 NGN per day.
  • P7: Deposit of 4,800,000 NGN, 1600 tasks daily, earning 200,000 NGN per day.
  • P8: Deposit of 9,600,000 NGN, 250 tasks daily, earning 400,000 NGN per day.
  • P9: Deposit of 24,000,000 NGN, 400 tasks daily, earning 1,000,000 NGN per day.

The pattern continues, with higher levels offering the potential for greater daily earnings. However, it’s important to note that these levels require substantial deposits.

Make Money from BBHTV Through Referrals

One of the ways to increase your earnings on BBHTV is through referrals. By inviting others to join the platform, you can earn commissions based on their membership level. As your referred members progress through the levels, your commissions may increase. This referral system is designed to encourage networking and growth within the platform

At different levels, when you tell people to join, you get rewards. For P1, if someone you tell joins P1, you get 1800 NGN, and for lower levels, you get less. P2 gives you 3000 NGN for bringing in new P2 members. This happens for all levels and is linked to fees. When your team moves up, you make more money too. It’s about helping each other grow.

Is BBH Legit or Scam?

BBH is a ponzi scheme that would crash one day. So be very careful before investing your hard earned money.

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  1. I am a well registered employee of Bbhtv and am making my money codedly without stress, nothing is really guaranteed in this life, even the so called 9 to 5 jobs, if you want to grow in life you must learn how to take new chances and remember risk is a necessity when it comes to growth, if you need help call 08052469046, and also click the link if you are interested

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